Thank you for establishing the tribute to our beloved mentor and friend, Ted. He was a contemporary of my parents, and my two older sisters and I were students under his tutelage at Neshaminy. Here is my contribution to add to the many others who have added their words.

While I only really knew Mr. Kloos while I was a student in the Neshaminy system, he was the teacher with the most profound impact on my life during those troubled teenage years. He was the father I wish I had, the mentor whose enthusiasm for life carried over from his love of music. When I left high school, I truly had intentions of following in his footsteps, become the musician and teacher he inspired within. Alas, Life had other plans for me, and choices I could have made differently led me away from creative endeavors of music and into military service and technical work. But his teaching was always there in the back of my mind, and I continued to dabble with singing and musicals whenever my feet stayed in one location long enough to find a decent amateur troupe.

Finally back in Pennsylvania, after a quarter century away, I am a different man than the boy I had been, but the inspiration that is Ted Kloos remains. His spirit surely watches over all of "his kids" in our professional and personal lives, for he touched us deeply with his wisdom and love. Rest in peace, dear soul. Magic time shall endure..