Stuart Duncan of TimeOFF says: "At Off-Broadstreet, a company of four romps its way through the tale, scattering laughs and smiles as they go. A pair of Off-Broadstreet veterans, Tom Orr (as Brummell) and Harris Goodman (as the killer, "Kit") have a delicious time racing and chasing each other. " Click here for the complete review.

Anita Donovan of the Bucks County Courier Times says: “Tom Orr, who manages to be both handsome and funny-faced, is perfectly suited to the role of the hapless Brummell, a man who moved home to help his widowed mother temporarily and stayed 18 years.”

Jack Florek of U.S.1 says: “Tom Orr as Detective Brummell sings extremely well, and is perfectly cast as the semi-bumbling hero.



Harris Goodman -------------- Lois Carr