Margie Royal of the Press Focus says: "The show opens with the curtain closed and Frank Butler (Tom Orr) singing a few refrains of "There's No Business Like Show Business". Orr's looks, wonderful voice, and stage presence make him terrific casting for the role. It's believable that Annie would fall head-over-heels-in-love with him the moment that she meets him."

Michael Caruso of the News of Delaware County says: " struck me that the spirit of (Ethel) Merman's potent yet expressive singing had found a comfortable home in Tom Orr, who essayed the role of Frank Butler, Annie's rival and beloved sharpshooter, with panache and conviction. He projected swagger without arrogance, ambition without venality, sincerity beneath the bluster, and a memorable interpretive sophistication in every song he delivered. No matter how powerfully he sang, he never bellowed but, instead, filled the Player's Club Theater with an unforced, warm resonance. And when he sang softly, the tone of his voice never lost its focused clarity. His was an altogether commanding portrayal, both musically and theatrically." Click here for the complete review.